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DIY Tools

DIY Tools

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Our DIY Kit Includes:

  • 🌸 1 Wax pencil for rhinestones
  • 🌸 2 Gel brush
  • 🌸 1 Tweezers

Our Unique Features:

  • 💎 Wax pen tip easy to pick up gems: the self-adhesive wax pen tip can easily pick up rhinestones and make it easier to naturally attach rhinestones to natural nails, fake nails, acrylic nails.
  • 💎 Rhinestone pens are exquisite designed: The 1 cm diameter acrylic handle is comfortable and easy to handle, not easily deformed and durable,the rhinestone pen with crystals has a beautiful shape.
  • 💎 These Gel Brush Are a Must-Have for Nail Rhinestones Design DIY.
  • 💎 Effective tweezers: the tips of the tweezers are tapered to easily and firmly grasp and handle rhinestones, good for handling the placement of lovely gems, rhinestones and creating a variety of nail art styles.
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